15 July 2009

St Albans suggests...

1) Replace the colour photocopier in our reprographics department to enable it to take more in house jobs. This was coupled with better promotion of our in house design and print team to enable us to getter better value for money out of the facility.

2) Early delivery of post by Royal Mail which has freed up three member of staff's time to work in other areas of the business

3) Creatively looking at our training process for Customer Service staff handling planning enquiries to ensure that staff can be trained to a high standard quickly and competently.

4) Sale of Council redundant computer equipment which has generated income for the council as well as ensured that we do not pay a fee for disposing of electronic equipment as previously. It also fits in with our principle to protect our environment.

5) We are currently looking at how our teams are laid out in the council, to ensure that there is maximum interaction between officers to share information.

Suggestions arising from the St Albans City & District Council's staff suggestion scheme - thanks for these examples

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