30 October 2009

Productive Community Services - Improving frontline NHS delivery

Productive Community Services is an organisation-wide change programme which helps systematic engagement of all front line teams in improving quality and productivity. It is a practical application of lean based techniques that will vastly increase the organisation’s capacity and capability for continuous improvement.
More information here (for the access website) and here (for the pdf file summing it all up)

This website carries a very useful and persuasive video of people talking about this initiative from 3 pilot sites around the UK. The results are impressive. The package of support is available for download - but only if you are part of NHS England (not even Wales or Scotland).

(I am tempted to have a rant here about the public services & intellectual property - since I have helped to pay for this initiative through my taxes - but I won't bore you!) You can of course pay for this package of information if you are not of NHS England - details on the site.

Overall - this seems like a very positive and indeed productive initiative - I wish it well as it is rolled out across the country. (Maybe Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will get a look in too at some point!)

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