03 February 2010

Innovation in Justice

I have a long time association with the Centre for Court Innovation based in New York. They do some excellent work around reforming how justice is administered not only in New York but also the rest of the USA. Indeed their reach has extended to these shores and they have been involved the establishment of new kinds of courts in this country. I worked with them on setting up, facilitating and reporting on a round table discussion about Justice reform in this country. There is a report of it here if you are interested. (I also got to meet Shami Chakrabarti on that day and she is just as impressive in real life as she is on BBC Question Time - more so in fact!)

Meanwhile - they carry on their excellent work and they have recently put together a list of podcasts about new thinking in justice. You can access it here. There are some excellent examples of how relatively small changes to the justice system can be made more effective, efficient and fair.

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