22 November 2010

Communities of Practice

If you are not already registered with the IDeA communities of practice website - I would strongly recommend joining. It is a hot bed of ideas and helpful practices designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the public services.

You can register to join here.

Watch this space for further links into the CoP as they emerge. Although I am sure you will find much there yourself once you get inside! 

18 November 2010

All ideas wanted!

Welcome to this blog - thank you for passing by.

Below you will find over 300 ideas for making public and third sector services more efficient, effective or just better. There is a search button to look for any themes or ideas you have in mind.

I am always on the lookout for new ideas that you think others might like to hear about. So if you have something - please email me and I will post it here. (This can be done anonymously or with attribution - your choice entirely.)

08 November 2010

Free creativity tools

Go to here for some helpful free apps to get your creative juices flowing!

From smart phones to iPads to our various personal computers and data managers, we have all kinds of tools at our disposal to help us collect information for school work, business, personal use, and more. But even though it’s easy to find, that information still needs to be stored, saved and even shared in a way that’s also simplified....

200 to 0: Northants Police win

Extracted from: http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/media-centre/news/crime-cracking

An initiative which reduced the number of sex workers from 200 to zero topped this year's Home-Office-backed Tilley Awards.

Northampton’s Operation Uncanny set up innovative measure to tackle prostitution in residential areas. This included a 'toleration area' where sex workers were not arrested for solicitation.

The Sex Workers Around Northampton (SWAN) partnership also gave advice and support on health, housing, drug addiction and education to help the women exit prostitution. Meanwhile, police monitored the area to identify and arrest customers.

Seems like a very good result all round. Congrats to the Northants Police team