26 February 2009

Creative pest control #1

An example from a prison service governor:


Many large prison establishments have significant problems with pest control, be it rat infestation or pigeon colonies. [My prison] is no different from these, and for many years has poured a significant amount of money (thousands of pounds each year) into traditional contracted services to deal with these pests. In 2007 whilst debating ways of cutting this cost it was suggested that we could possibly use a bird of prey to scare away the pigeon colonies.

We were aware that another local prison, [a nearby young offenders institution], had a number of birds of prey that they use to work and show with the Young Offenders. We approached them about our ideas for pest control and they were positive that birds of prey could help.

We diverted a portion of the pest control budget into the training of two staff to look after the birds of prey, and procured two Harris Hawks as the pigeon scarers. The Hawks fly twice a day over the establishment and have had a positive effect in reducing the numbers of pigeons on site, which in turn has reduced our pest control and cleaning costs.

An example of "blue sky thinking" at it's best.


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