13 September 2009

What do I know?!

When I have time, I send out emails asking people for any ideas that they have come across. Many of the responses are shown below. I am hugely grateful for all the examples that have been sent to me. Please keep them coming!

But every now and then I get an email which deflates me a little. I won't reprint one I received in the last few days because - I want to keep to keep the organisation anonymous. Moreover, the email is at pains to make clear that according to the "Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005 Act, sections 4 and 12" they have not given me permission to use the information.

However, I can say that had this organisation actually had:

  • A staff suggestion scheme
  • An annual efficiency statement
  • Initiatives that have provided a benefit of around £50k
  • Success stories communicated to the communications team
  • Directors who saw it as part of their responsibility to have some knowledge about these matters...

...then the organisation in question might just be providing a better and more efficient service to its clients and local citizens.

But what do I know, of course?!

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