03 September 2009

McKinsey report bites the dust - another example of where the small creative ideas have been overlooked?

The government says it has rejected advice from management consultants to cut the NHS workforce in England by 10% over the next five years... Sir Gerry Robinson, the businessman who presented a BBC series about the NHS, said he saw an "enormous amount of waste" and jobs should go. He added he was "infuriated" by yet another report, which cost a lot of money and "tells you the obvious".

(BBC: NHS workforce cuts plan rejected)

Many years ago, I read a book by Edgar Schein (Process Consultation Volume 2: Lessons for managers and consultants - which is still available) and it changed my approach to consultancy. In it he describes three model of consultancy: The purchase of information or expertise, the doctor-patient model and process consultation. I have discussed these points at greater length on my other blog (click here)

I make the overall point that all too often the wrong kinds of consultancy are procured - and ownership of the problems are handed over to external consultancies.

It is my ambition that this blog will assist with ensuring that more credence and resources are given over to making sure that staff (including NHS staff) are empowered and encouraged to offer the small & creative ideas that are, can and will make more of a difference to service improvement.

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