11 January 2010

Parking - more innovation!

I am sure that most of us hate parking! The whole process of parking from finding a space, squeezing your car into it and then paying the charge can all be very tiresome. The paying bit especially is tricky when you don't have enough change. Especially as parking charges are going up - who wants to be weighed down with bucketfuls of loose change.

One answer to this problem is below where Westminster introduced mobile phone paying. A good idea but one that slightly scares me if truth be told. But then along comes an even better idea (in my view) from Southampton. Moreover it is an idea that a citizen had: Oyster (type) cards to pay for parking. What a great idea!

More information here - thanks to the Daily Echo.

1 comment:

  1. I believe this is a brilliant innovation which should include hospital car parks many of which do not give change. All meters in my town, Warwick, do not give change. Its another stealthy rip off.