07 January 2010

Salt and stuff: innovation in Cumbria

In these Arctic times - innovation & creativity are clearly are huge value. I know from personal experience how dangerous minor roads can be in the current cold snap. Therefore it was great to read about this story (thank you LocalGov.co.uk) about Cumbria County Council's response to the crisis:


A northern council is using an innovative method to treat minor roads in the current extreme weather conditions. On Monday, Cumbria County Council had opted to only treat priority one and two routes due to dwindling salt stocks, but has now started treating priority three routes using sea washed stone chippings from a local supplier....

(more from the link above)

This sounds like a fresh idea and so congratulations to the staff and councillors who had this brainwave!


  1. Jon,

    I more than like this post, I think it fits with my own recent blog post here: http://bit.ly/4C7jCV.

    In this post I speak about how our slow response to issues of sustainability are now forcing us to respond at the time of incident/disaster and it will reshape the entire way we work and think.

    It is curious to me that it takes an event like a major snow storm or weather change for people to slow down long enough to "think how they will change."

    Very much enjoyed your post and the article. Thansk.