06 April 2010

25 Talks to Ignite & Unleash Your Creativity

Just been sent this link to a series of presentations to inspire your creativity & innovation. I have not watched them all - but if they are all of the quality of this one:

... they are well worth a browse.  I was struck by her point that art is able to effect social change in ways that straight politics may not always be able to. A point worth pondering on

The blog posting describes the list of 25 talks:
Whether you’ve fallen into a creative slump or just want to get inspired to make something new, there are loads of speakers and lectures out there that can explain, ignite and hopefully, motivate your creativity. Here are just a few we’ve pulled together to help you get your creative juices flowing and offer a free online education in everything creative, innovative and artistic right at your fingertips
Do have a browse.

Thank you to Emma Taylor for this link.

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