21 April 2010

Radical efficiency: new report

Great interim report (full report to come soon) from The Innovation Unit:

Radical Efficiency: Delivering Much Better Public Outcomes for Lower Costs Through Innovation
Radical efficiency means different, better and cheaper public services. This is achieved by reconsidering the challenges faced by public services as well as rethinking the resources that are best suited to tackle them. By redefining desired outcomes rather than simply adjusting or trimming old models, they are able to make savings on a significant scale.
The report lists some good ideas and some challenging questions to get people thinking about innovation for efficiency in the public services.

And here is one place where these ideas have been applied: Croydon Council - Total Place

You might also be interested to read my (other blog's) recent posting on a 'legs eleven' set of ideas around beliefs that will help to build more efficiency and effectiveness in the 'new country' we are about to enter. Click here

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