29 June 2009

Brainpark unleashes the wisdom of the crowd

CEO of democratic software company practises facilitative leadership (from an article by Camille Jensen)

It’s an approach Mark Dowds says many are too afraid to try, but the CEO of Brainpark says adopting facilitative leadership can unleash the wisdom of the crowd, opening a business to new ideas, practices and directions. Brainpark, a California-based software development firm, models its leadership after the principles of Open Space Technology, a facilitational process for meetings that allows the agenda to be set by the floor...

More information at: http://www.axiomnews.ca/NewsArchives/2009/May/May19.html

In my view Open Space offers a near perfect forum for the generation of small creative ideas that can make a big difference! It is my hope that it will be used more & more by those in the public and 3rd sectors.

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