14 July 2010

A small milestone #2

A few days ago - the sister blog to this reached a threshold of having over 10,000 page loads. To celebrate, I turned that blog into a free e-book (pdf file) http://jonharveyassociates.blogspot.com/2010/07/small-milestone.html.

This blog has also now just had over 15,000 page loads and I have done the same and a free e-book of this one now exists as well.

I have posted copies of both books on the Communities of Practice site (http://www.communities.idea.gov.uk/welcome.do) and the Employee Engagement Ning (http://employeeengagement.ning.com/forum/topics/2-free-ebooks). Please go there if you would like copies. Or, if you prefer, just email me and I will send either or both back to you.

Thanks for reading and more ideas are always welcome!

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