07 August 2009

This blog is not on holiday...

Cornwall and then Tunisia beckons - so this blog will be quiet for the next couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone who has visited over the last few months - so far there have been over 5000 page impressions.

Whether you are a regular visitor here (and there is a growing number) or you have wandered in by accident or come here for the first time - you are most welcome. Please browse and be inspired by all the good ideas I have managed to assemble so far.

In my absence - please do add your "small creative ideas" either by making a comment here or email me jon@jonharveyassociates.co.uk if you would like. The idea does not have to be yours - if you spot what someone else is doing and think it deserves a mention here - there is scope to add a link.


Very best wishes to all.


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