28 August 2009

New initiative by Nick Clegg (leader of Liberal Democrats)

Nick Clegg has just launched a website designed to provide A Fresh Start for Saving Taxpayer’s Money

The website goes onto say:

Do you work in the public sector? Budgets are going to be tight for years, if not decades. There isn’t going to be any extra money - in fact there may be less money in some departments across the public sector.

We need to cut out all inefficiencies in order to protect front-line services. This Government has a staggering record on waste. We need to stop money from being thrown away – that means talking to the people who know best about how public services are run: public servants.

Your ideas for efficiency savings will make sure that all the money there is goes on providing quality services.

Naturally I would claim neutrality on the party political aspects of this initiative - but it is one that I would still support. The more than senior politicians - of all parties - get to hear about the 'small creative ideas' that are making a difference to the public services - the better it is, in my view. I would urge you visit the website and make your contribution.

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