01 August 2009

Unfurling creativity - being all we can be!


The irrepresssible Tom Peters talks about being remarkable and how to innovate. This is a short vid to get you thinking - how can you be remarkable today? Not by be emulating someone else... but by just being remarkable in your own right!

In a way this sort of makes this blog redundant... Are you here to copy other people making small creative changes? That is a good thing, of course. Please do carry on and do that.


How will you use the ideas contained in this blog to do something uniquely remarkable yourself?!

On reflection - this is really what this blog is all about - assisting, helping, inspiring, documenting, celebrating, prompting & prodding you to be as creative and innovative as you can be! (Although you do not need this blog to that, of course!)

Within all of us is a universe of creativity just waiting to unfurl.

(Thanks to Cris Beswick http://www.letsthinkbeyond.com/ for the Tom Peters link)


  1. The message here from Tom is to lead and not to follow, to be original, to have the courage to leave the status quo behind and sit on the fringe watching 'average' go by. We all know the famous quote by Mark Twain "If you always do what you've always doen, you'll always get what you always got." That's the point about being creative. It's about being open to thinking differently about everything, to consider varied viewpoints and perspectives. Only then do you stand a chance of doing something remarkable! Blogs like this are catalysts for small pieces of insight and inspiration which is why they will never be redundant! Keep posting Jon!