27 October 2009

MOD: GEMS Annual Awards

As if by magic - this arrived in my in box this afternoon

Award Winners for 2009 GEMS Annual Awards:

  • Most Environment Friendly: Flushing procedure to reduce waste material.
  • Most Safety Improving: New design for a universal deployment frame.
  • Most Innovative: Maintenance - revised use of Air Supply to pressure test VC10s.
  • Most Operational Benefit: Designed a training programme for C130 simulator airframes.
  • Most Business Improving: Making better use of ammunition and Qinetiq facilities
  • Best example of Modernisation: Using a Sony Playstation Portable for Mobile Learning Technology Training

Award Winners for 2008 GEMS Annual Awards:

  • Most Environment Friendly: Anvis MK9 Helment Rail Assembly Transfer
  • Most Safety Improving: Use of Onboard HM Ships Stretcher and Baxstrap Spinal Board. & Up and over Fire Attachement re-design
  • Most Innovative: Strategies for Mitigating the Impact of Data Security within systems
  • Most Operational Benefit: Field Service Pack
  • Most Business Improving: Unscheduled Fault Sympton Coding System
  • Best example of Modernisation: Boat – Bowman on a Trolley

Now I must admit I have no idea what most of these things are in practice - but clearly they are of huge value to the Ministry of Defence. I applaud the fact that an organisation as large and complex as the MOD has such a lively and innovative suggestion scheme. Moreover it is great that the people who come forward with their suggestions are honoured & praised in this way.

Why can't all organisations do something similar? I wholly believe that the leadership commitment and administrative support required to make a suggestion scheme 'fly' would be paid back in bucketfuls by the improvements in results and staff motivation that would come about.

Well done MOD!

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