03 July 2009

The Gateway Experience (Signed) - Kent TV

This film is about Kent's very own Gateways system, providing a range of public sector services under one roof. (Sign Language Version.)

Not exactly a 'small' but certainly a creative idea for reshaping citizen access to a whole range of local / national services. I like the fact that this is signed as well - reflecting the accessibility of the whole service.

My only gripe is the constant use of the word 'customer' when they should be using the word 'citizen' in my opinion. Whilst I believe in good customer service, of course. In my view - the public services do not have customers in the same way as say Pizza Hut has customes - where you pay your money and get some food. The relationship between citizens and our public services is a much more complex one. I have expanded on this point on my other blog:

That said I recommend a visit to the Kent TV site - a good example of services being delivered to the public in a way that makes sense to the public.

UPDATE: Just to let you know - the Kent TV site may soon be closing down (http://www.localgov.co.uk/index.cfm?method=news.detail&id=86356)

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