03 July 2009

NHS Innovating (South East)

NHS Innovations - South East: Case studies


Not many on this site yet - but watch it grow... (I hope!)

One example from the list:

‘Your Life’ – Education Pack is a form of community mental health provision for adults and young people. Referrals come from primary care, education, adult mental health, social services and the voluntary sector. Individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for positive change in their lives and taught to do this in a non-threatening way. Courses for small groups are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. They are video-taught and facilitated by trained, non-medical personnel. The courses are run in community venues and are delivered over a number of sessions. The use of non-medical staff and operating in a community-setting means that the courses are inexpensive and cost-effective. The team has had very positive feedback from clients....

More at: http://www.innovationssoutheast.nhs.uk/downloads/9_NISE_Life.pdf

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