07 July 2009

NHS Innovation Hubs

England has nine regional NHS Innovation Centres (hubs), aligned to Regional Development Agency and Strategic Health Authority boundaries. They can all be accessed via this site:


The Centres were established in 2004 / 05 with a dual mission; to champion the cause of healthcare innovation and to identify, develop and commercialize innovations and Intellectual Property created by NHS staff. The multiple drivers for this activity include improved patient care, enhanced service delivery, increased business and enterprise activity and additional revenue that NHS Trusts can re-invest into patient services.

I would really like to be able to say that these websites are packed with innovative ideas that can be applied across the NHS and even to other parts of the public services. However - what they appear to be about are the ins and outs of intellectual property, details of the how NHS innovations can help you (etc.) and a smattering of case studies - if you can find them on these websites...

On the London site - you get a link to:

Community Services Wandsworth’s Approach to Assurance, Clinical Governance and Quality Improvement: http://www.nhsinnovationslondon.com/filestore/documents/Team%20Tool%20Factsheet%20Final%20(2).pdf

... which seems to be an advert for a commercial product you have to buy...

Come on NHS innovations - you can do better that this!

If Lord Darzi's dream of there being lots of 'eureka' moments in the NHS - we need more ideas, more case studies, less emphasis on intellectual property and more openness!

Interestingly - I justtried emailing this organisation at the link given on their website: info@nhsinnovations.co.uk

It does not work! Nor indeed does info@innovations.nhs.uk Is this the basis for innovation in the NHS?

STOP PRESS 14/7/09: Lord Darzi has resigned...

I sincerely hope that a new minister takes up the innovation challenge!

STOP PRESS AGAIN 15/7/09: It turns out this website is not sponsored or endorsed by the Deaprtment of Health. See my posting above.

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