20 April 2009

New meeting and venue policy

The idea: A new meeting and venue policy has been approved by Management Board to ensure that everyone in the Council makes the best use of our existing facilities. Staff are being encouraged to check if internal venues that meet their needs are available before looking at venues outside the Council.

The policy also covers the use of equipment at venues and catering. In future lunch should not be provided for half day events, with a light lunch (sandwiches and fruit) only for full day events or lunch time meetings.

The next stage of this work will see the development of a central booking system, so that if people have to be moved from a room if it’s needed for a more urgent meeting a substitute will be found for them.

What was learnt? The policy is just being introduced across the organisation so learning is not available at this time..

Thank you to Coventry City Council for this example - please contact them for any updates.

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