01 April 2009

Join up with your Public Sector Partners to produce a joint Newsletter

We produce our public newsletter Our City with our partners from the police, health service and the fire and rescue service. So instead of the public getting four newsletters they just get the one from all of us. Obviously this results in lots of savings for the public sector as a whole and other benefits. As a result Our City won Council Publication of the Year at the 2008 Good Communication Awards

It costs £36k each edition which is sent out six times a year.

By sharing our newsletter we:

  • stop duplication of any information
  • save paper - its great for the environment as we reduce our carbon footprint as a city
  • save money on postage and print -  we're using our resources far more effectively as each organisation doesn’t have the expense of producing their own newsletter
  • build better partnership links and work together on initiative that perhaps before Our City we would not have known anything about and share good practice
  • offer information to customers on partnership and citywide initiatives in one publication

 Thank you to Stoke City Council for this contribution - for further information please contact fay.boulton@stoke.gov.uk

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