09 April 2009

The BEST for Birmingham

Birmingham City Council are promoting their Best Programme see details below. This programme enables staff to put forward idea's that could benefit the Council and its customers.                                                                            

"The name BEST comes from ‘Belief’, ‘Excellence’, ‘Success’ and ‘Trust’ – the Council's four core  values that were identified by staff from right across the council that give us a really clear picture of how we want everyone to behave and feel about the work they do for the council:                                                     

  • Belief - We believe in ourselves and what  we do. We are determined to do a good job.
  • Excellence - Our initiative to find new  and better ways of doing things. 
  • Success - We take responsibility for getting results today.  
  • Trust - We value everyone's contribution.  We treat colleagues, partners and  customers with respect.                                                                    

 How will BEST help us?                                                                            

 BEST will help us to:                                                                            

  •        Work better as a team                                                                      
  •        Improve the service we provide                                                              
  •        Make it a good day at work                                                                 

BEST will be about every team getting together in a workshop to make some changes and to follow these changes through."

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