07 April 2009

Housing Improvements

Southend Borough Council forwarded these examples on from their ALMO (Arms Length Management Organisation) - South Essex Homes:
  • In April 2008 we started to use PCOL (Posession Claim On Line) to pay court fees, saving time previously used to produce and deliver cheques to the court. We estimate that this new method will deliver considerable efficiencies of time and money.
  • Our caretaking team regularly carry out cleaning and inspections of communal areas in our low and high rise blocks of flats. It was decided that as part of the routine caretaking duties that our Caretakers should carry out monitoring and removal of pirate radio aerials. This produced savings of against the cost of an independent contractor.
  • Our Caretakers also agreed to hand-deliver Resident Guides. After calculating the extra costs in staff time, we saved a large amount of money in postage costs. Additionally the Caretaking team are looking to undertake inspection of community play areas at general needs properties, and plant care at Sheltered Housing units and we believe this will present further savings. 
  • We have started to remove pay phones from the communal areas in Sheltered Housing properties, saving on rental costs. Instead we are installing broadband and recycled PCs, which not only offers saving on costs, but also offers access to a PC and internet for residents.
  • We have also found a cost efficient way of producing our magazine for our Residents, which involved buying a Mac computer to carry out the design in-house instead of paying an external designer. After the cost of the computer is deducted from the costs of the designer, there are still financial savings even in the first year, which will increase in subsequent years.
  • Any time or financial savings maid by South Essex Homes can be re-invested into services for our Residents.
Thank you for these examples.

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