03 April 2009

Contact Monitoring

Idea: Improve the web site for customer with interaction to services Result: Increasing take-up of the websites through improved interactions based around what the customer wants 

Idea: Review levels of monitoring. Result: Challenging existing assumptions on the benefits of monitoring contractors 

Idea: Remove non value adding activities from current process Results:

  • Cut out doubling up on instruction issuing – instructions issued electronically only (unless a call needed for a specific purpose) which will cut out unnecessary phone calls
  • Also remove double-checking or counting where two sections are involved. Customer services not always carrying out tasks often leads to admin support person checking this also
  • Remove unnecessary inspections; or get the contractor to do them
  • Staff issuing the instructions should be able to access the IT system locally. In one example, tickets were logged by the contact centre onto the system, but were then printed off at the authority’s depot and had to be faxed across to the appropriate section where they were based in another building

Thanks to Maidstone Borough Council for these examples - further details from Alasdair Robertson AlasdairRobertson@maidstone.gov.uk

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