03 April 2009

Additional Improvements from Maidstone

  1. Training on technology so that it is better used
  2. Logging correspondence electronically (i.e. the post book) so that it is stored centrally and can be easily accessed by all users
  3. Longer living herby shrubs and trees – less maintenance required than twice annual planting
  4. Getting the contractor to do the design of the beds
  5. Co-location of staff carrying out similar types of work
  6. Simple improvements to communication; for example – by taking and post code and ensuring that adequate details are gather from the customer first time around, numerous missed visits can be prevented
  7. Cut out checking and chasing – job details logged correctly the first time around
  8. Missed bins – cut out the middle man

Thanks to Maidstone Borough Council for these examples - further details from Alasdair Robertson AlasdairRobertson@maidstone.gov.uk

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