03 April 2009

Legal Services: Development and refinement of the management processes

Essentially these recommendations concern improvements that will enhance services to clients across the full range of legal services and produce savings among the fee earning resources. 

  • Improve work allocation – direct work to most appropriate resource. Employ lower cost resources produces a saving. 
  • Case performance management -  enhanced capability to manage cases. 
  • Use of electronic communication and document management 
  • Validation of new cases – all new cases to be supplied with all relevant information to save checking and chasing. A simple check list to be employed. 


  • Improve the web site for making electronic debtors payments

o    Clear branding

o    direct link to e-payments pages

o    payment information written under A-Z

o    improve search functions

o    e-forms shown clearly

o    Receipt generated in printable format

  • Email invoices and reminders to external customers
  • Removing waste activities from the current process

o    Introduction of super users

o    Design and upload of new invoice template – channel customers direct to the service

o    Invoices for green wheelie bins at Maidstone

o    Generation of credit notes

o    Change service originators access level


  • Introduction of super users – as above
  • Emailing purchase orders and remittance advices to suppliers – as above
  • Removing waste activities from the current process

o    Finance clerks being able to mark orders as in dispute

o    Print a report of all large payments to be authorised, rather than doing them individually


  • Buying a stamp that does date and reference number in one go which saves 3.5 hours a day
  • Changing standard letters to put them into plain English which cut calls by 50%

Thanks to Maidstone Borough Council for this example - further details from Alasdair Robertson AlasdairRobertson@maidstone.gov.uk

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