03 April 2009

Integration of separate ISO9000 Quality Management System (QMS).

The idea: The Council had implemented separate ISO9000 QMS into many service areas.  The idea was to integrate these, previously separate, Quality Management Systems into one.

Results: The outcome was a saving in external inspection fees of £12,000 per annum.  In addition the integration enabled a more effective QMS to be provided by eliminating duplication, reducing the number of inspections and focusing more on continuous improvement measures.

Leadership: the Leadership provided an essential co-ordinating role which enabled the disparate service areas to be drawn together and progressed as one system.

Lessons: The importance of regularly reviewing existing systems/arrangements.

Contact: Mr. Mark Evans 01246 345292 or email:  mark.evans@chesterfield.gov.uk

Thanks to Chesterfield Borough Council for this example.

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