07 April 2009

Lots of efficiency ideas

Canterbury City Council is currently undertaking efficiency reviews on all of our services over a three-year period.  We are currently in the third year of the review program.  The main objective of these reviews is to improve the level of service we give to customers and increasing the value for money. Staff play a key role in these reviews and have contributed to 90% of all ideas around improvement.  Many of these have been small ideas that collectively have allowed us to improve the service in these challenging economic times. 

There have been many small ideas, but we have categorised these into areas that will be monitored through our action plan process so they deliver their objectives: 

  • Reduction in staff movement through the use of technology
  • Increased use of customers self serving
  • More service being delivered through our Contact Centre
  • Greater use of internal functions to provide service
  • Improved use of DMS systems to remove paper
  • Use of CRM system to share information across departments
  • Clean mail
  • Improvements in service failure
  • Reducing the level of double handling 

There have been many other ideas across all the departments; these ideas have allowed staff to engage fully with the review program and have improved the services that have undertaken these reviews.  It is hoped that this approach will become part of a rolling program of improvement. 

Further information - please contact: Paul Bartlett, Business Improvement Officer, Canterbury City Council, 01227 862000 

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