17 May 2009

Birmingham City Council’s in-house change management consultancy


The demands on councils, both in terms of the efficiency drive and changing nature of local government, means specialist transformational skills are essential. Birmingham City Council is managing change by developing an in-house consultancy service. This is supporting staff to find and train for new positions where roles become obsolete.

Key learnings for other councils

  • Communication is essential – use all appropriate means to explain to staff what is happening.
  • Support departments that are losing valuable members of staff to the change programme.
  • Challenge traditional practice – ambition and imagination are essential.
  • Make your in-house services accessible – internal web pages and dedicated project officers are important 

There is more about this great initiative at: 


Further information

Thanks to Glen for agreeing for me to post these details. And thanks to the IDeA for the words above - and continuing to provide a very useful source of useful innovations in local government

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