26 May 2009

Customer comments procedure

As part of the council’s business improvement programme (‘Changing Focus’) a group of officers have been trained in ‘lean’ business techniques. This group looked at the customer comments procedure and found wasted time and resources by sending paper copies of the comment around the council.

The group estimated that in officer time, physical resources and processing customer comments cost the authority £147,863 a year

Idea – To buy a scanner to allow each comment to scanned in and moved round the organisation electronically.

Results – Customer comments process is quicker, more efficient and wastes fewer physical resources. By reducing the number of steps in the process, the time it takes and the physical resources used, £103,304 will be saved this year (based on the council receiving the average number of customer comments received in the last five years, 314). This is a saving of almost 70 per cent.

Thanks to Newark and Sherwood District Council for this example

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