17 May 2009

Environment friendly cleaning - procurement


Procurement of environmentally friendly cleaning products to our contractors. The standard of cleanliness has improved using greener products, as opposed to using "old-style" polluting chemical cleaning material.

Description of Achievement.

We sourced and procured environmentally friendly, natural cleaning products for use by our contractor in the toilet cleansing contract. In so doing, this has reduced the number of different types of chemical cleaner previously being used to now just using a single natural cleaning solution. This is also a cost saving for the authority.

How has the achievement improved service delivery or the quality of life for local communities?

By using environmentally friendly products it has improved the wellbeing end environment for West Devon residents and visitors. 

Did you work with any partner organisations to deliver the project? What was their role & why did you work with them?

New supplier of environmental cleaning materials, also liaison with our toilet cleaning contractors who provided valuable feed-back on ease of use and effectiveness. 

How was the project funded?

As per contract. 

Why was the project required? If applicable, how does it relate to the council"s priorities?

Fits in with Green Council principles and with corporate priorities of community wellbeing and environment.

Describe any barriers to the project & how you overcome them.

Sourcing suitable environmentaly friendly cleaning products appropriate to the many different types of surfaces/finishes across our 15 public toilet sites. By careful research, we have sourced a cleaning product which effectively cleans a comprehensive range of different surfaces. 

What has been learnt from the achievement that can be used in other areas of work?

Alternative environmentally friendly products are as effective as more pollutive products.

Thanks to West Devon Borough Council for this example

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