08 May 2009

Some bite sized initiatives from Hertsmere Borough Council:

  • On our two emergency staircases we replaced light fittings wit low energy passive infrared resources (PIR) operated lights as these areas are used infrequently
  • Exterior lamppost lighting replaced with low energy fittings and photo cell switching
  • Within our Council Members area, smart lighting fitted, using both PIR and Photo Cell operated, as these areas are used infrequently during the day
  • Exterior bollard lighting replaced with new low energy units
  • Direct gas fired water heater installed to facilitate turning off the main boilers in the summer period
  • New small building management system (BMS) fitted to council chamber air conditioning system to stabilise temperature and reduce energy use
  • Delivered talks on home energy conservation to schools and a range of organisations in the borough
  • Distributed leaflets and DVDs on home energy conservation

Many thanks for these ideas

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