06 May 2009

Wandsworth suggestion scheme

The Council operates a staff suggestion scheme for service improvements and applies to all staff employed by the Council. 

Suggestions eligible for consideration are those which could lead to either an increase in productivity; an improvement in efficiency; other worthwhile economies; or an improvement in the Council’s relations with the public. Suggestions are not eligible where they are within the scope of an employee’s duties and responsibilities or they concern matters of Council policy or committee or departmental functions. Each suggestion accepted can receive an award of up to £250 or where it is judged to be the result of considerable enterprise and effort can be up to £25.

In the last two years there have been 83 staff suggestions made and a total of £935 awarded. A few of the successful suggestions related to:

  • Improved information in the Council’s Weekly Roads Bulletin,
  • Improved body guard alarms,
  • Card payment facility,
  • Powerpoint presentations: Access by blind persons, and
  • Telephone calls by Council staff:  Automatic ‘1471’ message to recipient (where appropriate) instead of them getting “the caller withheld their number”
Thanks to LB Wandsworth for this information. 

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