19 March 2009

Emailing people - top tips

Given that email overload is a big problem for many working in the public services - here are some 'top tips' from Steve McQuade of Lichfield District Council:
  • When replying to emails - put your answers next to the questions in the original email - this saves time describing which question you are answering - indeed a function can be switched on such that your additions come with your initials automatcially
  • Use the subject line of emails to indicate the response (if any) that you want. So a 'fyi' in the title is just that - for your information - no reply required.
  • When making an appointment with someone outside the organisation - use 'outlook' to place it in their diary too - as 'outlook' has this functionality. This means you can track their response too. (Very useful with partnership working)
(Thanks Steve)

Any more top tips like this?

This is all about making the most of what you have - functionality and resources.

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