11 March 2009

Two ideas from joined up justice

Graffiti Removal

Criminal Justice agencies moved into a new Justice Centre in Warwickshire where they are collocated, this has lead to many significant measurable benefits, however, there has been some other significant and unforeseen benefits. A Police Inspector on his way to work early in the morning noticed that numerous street signs had been subject to graffiti. Since working at the Centre he has learnt about the un paid work scheme run from the centre by Probation for offenders to undertake work in the community. He contacted their manager and told him about the graffiti, before the end of the day the graffiti was removed by offenders as part of the unpaid work scheme at no cost and prevented a spiral of decline in the neighbourhood.. 

Shared Resources

On moving into the Centre other agencies such as Probation and Youth Offending Service became aware that the video link between the Courts, Prisons and remand Centres were not fully utilised, as a result of the multi agency arrangements, Probation and other agencies have been able to utilise the facility to interview offenders in prison, thus saving time and money in travelling to interview them in Prison and on Remand

Encouraging staff to learn about the resources and services used by other similar agencies enables more efficient ways of working and solving problems.

(With thanks to Richard Lyttle who provided these examples: Richard.Lyttle@warwickshire.pnn.police.uk)

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