26 March 2009

Planning Public Notices in Winchester

The idea: To replace the printing onto regular paper and then laminating of planning public notices that are displayed outside a property to inform the public of a planning application with direct printing onto durable paper that can be used outside with no deterioration of quality or legibility of text. 

Results: Reduction in the amount of time taken to print and laminate the public notices. The saving in cost by reducing the need to purchase expensive laminating pouches. There was a minimal cost increase in the cost of the paper. 

Leadership: This idea was initiated and led by the Planning Team whose job it is to produce the notices. 

Lessons Learnt: That there are more efficient and cost effective ways of carrying out some of the most simple of tasks 

Contact: Simon Howson, Corporate Business Manager, (Email: showson@winchester.gov.uk

Thanks to Winchester City Council for this example.

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