26 March 2009

Use of Touch Screen Technology

The idea: Idea to change from the old Eureka time recording programme to a new Touch Screen package. Eureka – involved writing down how long each job took on paper then inputting all data at the end of the month using complicated codes, for Accountancy to then recharge accordingly. Touch Screen – a programme accessible from a touch screen computer and desktop PCs. Allows officers to input data as and when they complete jobs, therefore allowing for more accurate time-keeping, and a less time-consuming system. 

Results: The touch screen system has cut the amount of administration time significantly for each officer and for the team leader who can at the click of a button, run a report on a variety of different data. The touch screen also includes a dashboard feature giving a daily snapshot of the work undertaken in office support. It also is used to record statistical data including the quantity of incoming and outgoing post, and a postage stamp balance sheet. 

Leadership: It was agreed that Eureka was taking too much time to complete and with Office Support being heavily involved the Retriever project time needed to be saved where ever possible. In a sit-down meeting between the Head of Customer Services, the Office Support team leader and Senior Office Support Assistant the idea was hashed out, IMT were then brought on board to design the software. 

Lessons Learnt: Use of new technology can generate efficiencies and save time 

Contact: Paul Wood for further details. (Email:pwood@winchester.gov.uk)

Thanks to Winchester City Council for this example.

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