09 April 2009

Caravan park and more!

"A significant amount of efficiency savings have been and will be generated from major projects such as depot rationalisation, restructuring and mobile working. As savings become more difficult to identify, members of staff in team meetings are increasingly being asked to provide ideas. Some ideas that may fit the criteria for “bite-sized” ideas are as follows: 

  • Scanning of invoices to reduce costs of storage and improve accessibility to records.
  • Sale of unused/obsolete items.
  • Light sensors to reduce energy costs.
  • Rationalisation of mobile phone policy.
  • Establishing a touring caravan park.
  • Providing a MOT and inspection service for local Taxis.
  • All internal printing to be done through photocopiers and getting rid of all printers."
Thank you for these

It is interesting to note from this contribution that many of the 'major' savings have been had - and now attention is shifting to finding all the small ideas for moving forward 

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