22 April 2009

Kettering tackles rubbish on A14

Previously, we received complaints from our residents about the amount of litter along the A14, specifically the lay-by areas. There were limited refuse facilities available in the lay-bys, some having none at all, and Kettering Borough Council’s Environmental Care Team litter picked twice yearly along the main road. 

As a result of this feedback we recently installed additional litter bins and visible signage to all our lay-bys on the A14 to encourage people to dispose of their litter responsibly. We now have four bins in each of the ten lay-bys that we are responsible for and these are emptied three times a week. It has been an instant success with substantially less litter in the lay-by areas and we are receiving far fewer complaints. Our Environmental Care Team will also continue to litter pick the area twice yearly. On the back of this success we are installing recycling facilities in two of our lay-bys as a trial with the hope that this will be rolled out to all of our lay-bys in due course. 

Thanks for this example (Kettering Borough Council material is reproduced with the permission of Kettering Borough Council)

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