14 April 2009

More improvements from Wellingborough

  • I have been under a trial of new brushes for my sweeper.  These are slightly more expensive but last twice as long saving on cost. 
  • With the implementation of Agresso the need to print copy invoices should be dramatically reduced, as all invoices can be viewed on screen, will also save time for Accountants as they will no longer need to come to payments to look in files. 
  • Finedon Bowling Green being fitted with an automatic water system saving time and money. 
  • New HR/Payroll system to reduce duplication of paper/electronic records and duplication across the two service areas as well as providing cost effective way of users maintaining information. 
  • Introduction of more on-line facilities - e.g online recruitment applications/elections.
Thanks to the Borough Council of Wellingborough for these examples

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