27 April 2009

Online ‘customer satisfaction’ surveys

We have hosted a number of online surveys on our website in recent years and around 20% of our 1400 strong Residents’ Panel now complete online rather than paper questionnaires.  Online surveys are quicker, more efficient (less resources/lower cost) and more sustainable than postal surveys.  Unfortunately, we have been very disappointed with the cost/performance of the software that has been available for this purpose.

However, during the past few weeks we have begun to explore creating surveys via the “Survey Monkey” website at http://www.surveymonkey.com.  Survey Monkey allows for faster and more efficient creation of surveys. Creating a professional looking survey, which can includes the Council’s logo and links back to our homepage at the end, now takes a fraction of the time and the site itself is low cost ($20 per month).

These are early days in our trial of Survey Monkey but the signs are extremely positive.

Further information: Bruce Hill, Improvement & Development Manager, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council: bruce.hill@tmbc.gov.uk

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