22 April 2009

Going the extra mile to help homeless people

Homelessness is an area that Kettering Borough Council takes very seriously and as the Regional Homeless Champion for the East Midlands we will go that extra mile to help our customers. 

Recently, a family of nine were forced to leave their home for fear of violence, and had presented themselves as homeless to our Customer Service Centre. Despite not having any suitable accommodation for the family, we were able to utilise our contacts in the neighbouring Boroughs and have the family driven to the nearest suitable accommodation.  

For more information relating to Kettering Borough Council’s involvement in Housing Options Trailblazers, please refer to our website: http://www.kettering.gov.uk/site/scripts/documents_info.php?documentID=1062

Thanks for this example (Kettering Borough Council material is reproduced with the permission of Kettering Borough Council)

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