14 April 2009

Leisure Services withdrawal of cheque payments

Idea: The three Leisure Centre sites across the District Council withdrew the ability of customers to pay for membership or classes via cheque payments and instead more widely publicised the ability to pay on line or via direct debits. The later initiatives were introduced as a direct result of customer feedback. 

Results: The results to date have been cashable savings in the region of £1,500 saved from a reduction in staff processes time, therefore not only has a cashable saving been achieved but processes are smarter and better reflect customers needs and requirements.

Leadership: Service staff identified this initiative as a result of analysing customer feedback and informal comments.

Learning: Providing a more efficient way of handling payments resulted in higher customer satisfaction levels.  Through providing value for money and tailoring services to customer requirements we found that customer experience was improved.  This is further endorsed by all three of our leisure centres being Quest accredited – recognition of our continuous improvement in service delivery and standards.  

Further information: Businessefficiency@fenland.gov.uk

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