10 April 2009

Providing Choice in Adult Social Care

Bexley Council is committed to moving towards self-directed support, providing service users with greater choice and control.These principles have been recently applied to the Council’s Meals on Wheels Service.The in-house service has been discontinued and private suppliers now provide high quality meals to residents. These meals are then heated by service users or carers. Service users enjoy a greater choice of meals while the Council has benefited from an ongoing saving of £100,000 each year.

One client, Mrs JoanWall, who is registered blind, says: “The old service was good but I think the new one is even better because I can choose at short notice what I want to eat.The carer is very pleasant and she sits and chats with me whilst the meal is being heated. “When its ready, she tells me where the food is on the plate.This is really helpful as I then know what I am putting in my mouth and I enjoy my meal more.”

An example of the improvements at Bexley - thanks for this example.

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