14 April 2009

Eco homes

Eco homes at Harrold Road, Bozeat, Wellingborough 

This small development of 7 affordable homes is being built on an exception site on land formerly owned by the Duchy of Lancaster.  The site is being developed by Northants Rural Housing Association, in conjunction with the Parish Council, in response to a housing needs survey undertaken in the village of Bozeat. 

Homes and Communities Agency funding has been secured for the project, together with an additional £70,000 from the Borough Council of Wellingborough to enable the scheme to reach Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.  This means that additional eco measures have been included in the development, such as extra insulation and air source heat pumps, which will not only reduce the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions of the houses but also reduce resident’s fuel bills. 

The Housing Strategy Team had identified a need for a pot of money which could be used to provide 'extras' on affordable housing schemes such as additional eco measures, building in stone in villages and conservation areas, retaining historical features etc.  This was agreed by the Council's Resources Committee and there is now a rolling programme of funds for these items.  Registered Social Landlords are encouraged to access this pot of money for small scale developments where a limited amount of money can make a substantial difference to the scheme produced.

Thanks to the Borough Council of Wellingborough for this example

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