09 April 2009

Systems thinking & suggestions for improvement

The Council has recently embarked on a programme of "systems thinking" (lean management) throughout the Council.  The first stage was to put together a team of "lean" champions who underwent a programme of training provided by external consultants to enable them to carry out lean reviews throughout the Council. 

Awareness sessions have been held for all staff and members and as part of these awareness sessions staff have been invited to put forward suggestions where systems could be improved by the application of lean thinking.  To date 35 suggestions have been received and these are due to be considered by the "Lean Board" at their next meeting.

2 specific projects have been selected from a number considered at the outset of the programme and these are due to commence within the next month and are expected to have been completed by quarter 3 of this financial year.  All systems thinking material will be available on the Council's intranet and when projects have been completed and their success assessed they will be placed on the intranet and possibly the internet to open up the concept and learning to a wider audience.

Thank you to Arun District Council for this example.

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