22 April 2009

Recycling boxes - with wheels!

In 2004 we introduced a recycling scheme to Kettering Borough supplying our residents with different colour boxes and bins. The majority of our customers found the new boxes easy to manage however that was not the case for everyone. Our front line staff identified that elderly and less able residents wished to participate in the scheme but were struggling to move their boxes to the kerbside for collection. Often these residents still wanted to retain their independence and did not require a ‘fetch and return service’.  

As a result of listening to our customers and our front line staff we identified a need for adaptable recycling boxes.  We came up with the simple but effective idea of adding wheels and a rope handle to the boxes, so they could be used in a similar way to a suitcase. This improvement was quick, low cost to the Council but high benefit to our residents. It also ensured we were meeting the needs of a larger proportion of our residents and allowing more people the opportunity of participating in our award winning scheme. 

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Thanks for this example (Kettering Borough Council material is reproduced with the permission of Kettering Borough Council)

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