16 April 2009

Reviewing spends corporately rather than by service level

Idea: To review spend on a wider basis than just one service area.

Results: Enabled savings of approx £10K to be made.  As this was previously distributed across many areas.  Centralising made the small under spends in many areas to be converted into a larger overall saving.  Once done in one area this expanded to other scenarios. 

Leadership: Once one area had been done successfully it showed it could be done easily.  Needs backing from all service areas to happen effectively.  

Learning: Simple ideas can lead to effective savings. 

Contact: Nigel Glossop, Head of IT and Business Improvement, South Derbyshire District Council Nigel.Glossop@south-derbys.gov.uk  Tel 01283 595703 

Thank you to Nigel and South Derbyshire District Council for this example

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