20 April 2009

Staff Suggestion Scheme

Coventry City Council has a suggestion scheme where staff can submit their ideas for providing more efficient and value for money services.  The scheme is called My idea and staff can e-mail or write in with their suggestions, which are then considered by members of the Management Board.  Since it started lots of staff have made suggestions, some have or are being currently implemented including: 

  • The expense of buying bottled water for water coolers (see below)
  • Look at how we use and allocate mobile phones across the Council (also see below)
  • Paper recycling collections – these now carried out by the Council's City Services recycling team instead of paying an external contractor
  • Payslips and insight, the staff magazine, should be sent out electronically – this is being implemented over the next few months 

Thank you to Coventry City Council for this description of their scheme - please contact them for any updates.

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